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Sliding Sleeve for Rectangular Tube

Allows 60x30mm Tube to slide inside 70x40mm
 Black B-241-070060-001-102 Made to order More Info MOQ: 2,500
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This Sliding Sleeve has been designed to allow two Rectangular Sections of tube to slide inside each other to form a Beam Desk system.  The sizes of tube the part has been designed for are a 60x30mm inside a 70x40mm and the component comes with an integral locking button which pops out into a punched hole in the tube.   

This part has been designed specifically for use with our Beam Desk Component set but there's no reason it can't be utilised for other applications. Whilst the tooling is in existence, this part hasn't been run for years - so in order for us to clean the tool off and set up a machine to run it again, the quantity required would need to be sufficient to justify this outlay - hence the moq shown, which we can't deviate from I'm afraid.

We show standard colours & finishes where possible but these are constantly changing so if you require a colour not listed in the drop-down, speak to us as we may well have added it since.   

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Q: Is it possible to buy this in smaller quantities like 500?

A: I'm afraid not, certainly not at the time of writing this. This is an old custom injection mould tool that hasn't run for years - so it's likely to need some work on the tool, to even get it running again, hence the fact we've set the moq at 2,500. We continue to list it because obviously the tool is in existence but we need to make sure the run quantity is worth us undertaking the work it's going to need, to get it production ready.

Q: Hi, Do you have a drawing of this part? Thanks

A: Hello. There is no drawing available for this part as it is not a standard size, it is a custom component and will allow for a 60x30mm Tube to slide inside 70x40mm only. I hope this assists. Kind regards, BPF