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120mm Dia. Plastic Floor Grommet

Rigid Construction for Durability

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A range of Sturdy Floor Grommets and Oversize Cable Ports which are extremely durable and some have the option of fixing arms. 3-Part Design with round collar and 2-Piece lid with swivels to either have a blank plate, or clear hole.

We show standard colours & finishes where possible but these are constantly changing so if you require a colour not listed in the drop-down, speak to us as we may well have added it since.  

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Submitted by ARTISAN TIMBER & FLOORING LTD  (19/08/2019)
Great product just a little pricey for what it is.

Response from BPF Websales
thanks for your positive review of the product and just picking up on the comment about them being a little pricey, which we totally respect - but they are a quality product and you'll also find that as you bought 52 of them, you ended up paying a higher pro-rata rate, than if you'd gone for the next suggested pack size option up which is 60. So if you're needing these again, I'd recommend you consider taking a pack of 60 because you'd find the unit rate would come down significantly. Just wanted to point out how our pricing table works because the pack options listed are pre-packed on the shelf, so we deliberately incentivise customers with keener prices to take these packs, as obviously it involves less work for our warehouse if they don't have to count them out each time.

Accurate Description
Value for money
Overall Score  4.5 / 5
Submitted by john elson young (22/06/2019)
can I have a VAT invoice please

Response from BPF Websales
Thanks for your review and we’ve just emailed you the information relating to the invoice you were sent.

Accurate Description
Value for money
Overall Score  4.5 / 5

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