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124mm Hole Saw & Arbor Set - NEW

perfect for use with milan pop up sockets

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A 124mm Hole Saw, designed for use with Wood and Timber worktops - not suitable for anything harder, such as Corian / Granite etc.

This particular Hole Saw is supplied primarily for customers who are using our Milan Pop Up Socket, in conjunction with the flush fit adaptor ring - supplied as standard with every Milan unit.

Unlike the rest of the Hole Saws we sell, this particular listing comes boxed complete with an Arbor, so it's ready to go straight into your standard drill.

This flush fitting adaptor requires a 124mm hole to be cut into the worktop and although this saw is a brand new boxed product - we also hire these units out and you'd prefer to use a hire unit, then you should find a separate listing for this at the bottom of the page.

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Submitted by Mr Peter Tyson (3/09/2015)
As your pull up sockets are a non standard size, when required to be flush, I was forced to buy this cutter, as it's the only one on the market for 124mm, which when compared to others was way over price at 149.00 delivered. I had spent 600 on sockets, and I was refused any discount from the cutter price. This to me is outrageous and I Would suggest that you look at the price of this item before you buy anything to be flush fitted.

Response from BPF Websales
Apologies that you had to buy a holesaw for these pop up sockets, as I appreciate it's a non-standard size but in fairness, we tend to find the vast majority of customers do not require these because the worktop people often template on site and already have the equipment to cut these holes - or the holes are simply CNC'd in the worktop at the factory, prior to installation on site. On the odd occasion where we know a carpenter has retro-fitted the sockets, they've used a variable cutter which doesn't require this specific size holesaw, as you quite rightly point out it's a non-standard.

In fact, we have to order them in specially from Italy from where the sockets are sourced from and although we've sold thousands of sockets - we've probably only ever sold 3 or 4 of the holesaws over all this time, which to be fair is the only reason we offer them, for that very rare occasion they're requested from us. Saying that though, I take your point on board and for customers that need to cut the holes themselves, we'll look at utilising a couple of saws from stock, to make them available to hire, so customers can use them to install the sockets and then return them. I can assure you that margin on these holesaws is minimum and it's only a product we offer to satisfy a very small demand, as and when required.

I can see from your review scores that you liked the pop up socket itself which is great news, so apologies the issue with cutting the holes has soured the experience. We will look to implement a hire system asap to make life easier for customers but if it helps and the holesaw you've bought, is still useable - then you're welcome to return it to us and we'll see if we can use it as one of the saws we're planning to hire out. I can't promise you a full refund on it, but provided is't still able to cut holes, I'm sure we can offer you a partial refund if that's of any interest?

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Overall Score  3.8 / 5

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