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48mm Dia Scaffold Tube Cap

external fitting parallel sides

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A Round Push-Over Ferrule for externally fitting onto Round Tube, to act as a Cap or Foot, available in a wide range of sizes. Particularly useful if you want to give tube that little bit more protection than an Insert would afford, and also highlights the fact it's a Tube End, which can have safety implications on Play Framework for Children etc.  

As with all our Tubular Products, we list them exactly as you would buy the tube so it's Outside Tube Dimension which dictates the size of ferrule you need.  Manufactured from a Flexible PVC, there's more give in these Ferrules than the LDPE version, so they might be better suited to Oversize Tubes with Coatings & Thick Paint.  

We show standard colours & finishes where possible but these are constantly changing so if you require a colour not listed in the drop-down, speak to us as we may well have added it since.  

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Submitted by Media Barry Shaw (19/10/2017)
This is a really well made product
Accurate Description
Value for money
Overall Score  5.0 / 5

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