Your Guide to Knock Down Fittings

If you’re a furniture manufacturer or designer, or if you like to create your own furniture, Knock Down fittings can make a world of difference to the practicality of your product.

What are Knock Down fittings?

Also referred to as KD fittings, Knock Down fittings make it possible to put furniture together quickly and easily without needing clamps and glue, and without unsightly screws and bolts.

When using knock Down fittings, furniture can usually be assembled easily just using a screwdriver, drill, hammer and maybe a few other basic tools.

Knock Down fittings are used in flat pack furniture to make it as easy and convenient as possible for everyone and anyone to assemble, and to take apart again, whatever their DIY skills.

Of course, KD fittings also make it easier and more convenient to disassemble furniture when it’s time to move it too.

Your guide to Knock Down furniture fittings

Screw-in Bushing

Sometimes referred to as a threaded insert, a screw-in bushing is a threaded housing that enables two sides to be joined together at a 90-degree angle. The screw-in bushing provides housing for the bolts to be screwed into and unscrewed again as needed without damaging the surrounding wood. Screw-in bushings are usually set within a hole on one of the components to be joined using epoxy glue.


These washers help position the bolt for the correct alignment into the screw-in bushing. Our Maxi Luna Washer has a semi-circular back so sits neatly in a circular hole created by a hole saw, which provides a flat side on which to securely screw the bolt into the bushing.


The nut is then used to secure the bolt on the outside of the washer, at the opposite end to the screw-in bushing.

Cover Cap

The cover cap is the last component needed and serves to cover the access hole, so once you’ve attached your two pieces, and have secured the bolt through the bushing on one side and through the hole with the washer and bolt, add the cover cap to hide the hole. These are available in brown, beige, white and grey, so you can choose whichever colour best suits your project.

For an easier option, we sell the Zamak Maxi Luna KD System Kit which makes KD furniture fittings quick to buy and easy to install. These come as a kit which gives you everything you need to discretely attach two pieces of wood together at a 90-degree angle and contains all of the above items. Choose the kit according to the cap cover colour that you require.

For more information about choosing a hole saw. Read our blog ‘What is a hole saw and when to use one’. Or, if you want to know more about our KD system kits or the individual components, you can reach us on 0844 7766800 or chat with our friendly advisors online.