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Pop Up Socket IP Rated

The Milan pop-up socket – the easiest pop-up socket installation ever

What is the Milan Pop-up socket and why is it so popular?

The Milan pop-up socket is a socket extension that fits into a desktop or kitchen worktop. The Milan socket tucks neatly away beneath a chrome cap set into a kitchen worktop or desktop. When required, the socket can be ‘popped up’ with the push of a discrete button in the centre of the chrome cap.

The sockets sit below the worktop and pop-up to reveal a series of 3-pin sockets, or a combination of 3-pin sockets, USB sockets and data sockets, all conveniently placed for office and desk workers to charge or power devices without having to extend cables across the room. The Milan pop-up socket powers multiple sockets from one plug that fits into a standard UK 3-Pin plug.

The benefits of the Milan pop-up socket

  • Easy to install.
  • Comes with a 12-month guarantee.
  • Delivers power to where it’s needed.
  • Multiple combinations for the power sources you need.
  • Sits discretely beneath the worktop.
  • Sits beneath a flush cap for easy cleaning.
  • Works with existing 3 amp 3-pin plugs so no electrical work required.
  • Available with LED rim for a more modern and stylish finish.

Configuration options

The Milan pop-up socket comes is available as:

  • 2 x 3-pin sockets
  • 2 x 3-pin sockets and 4 x USB sockets
  • 3 x 3-pin sockets and 2 x CAT6 data sockets
  • 2 x CAT6 data sockets and 2 x USB with an LED rim
  • 3 x 3-pin sockets
  • 3 x 3-pin sockets and 2 x USB A + C sockets
  • 3x 3-pin sockets and 2 x USB sockets with an LED rim
  • 3 x 3-pin sockets with 2 x CAT6 data sockets
  • 3 x 3-pin sockets with 2 x CAT6 data sockets and 2 x USB sockets with an LED rim
  • 3 x 3-pin sockets and 2 x CAT6 data sockets with 2 x USB sockets and an LED rim

Each configuration is available in either bright chrome or matt chrome and some come with a black central button for ease of use.

When to choose the Milan pop-up socket

  • On worktops between 20mm and 55mm.
  • For UK 3-pin 3-amp plugs.
  • The unit works for worktops with thicknesses between 20mm and 55mm.

Fitting the Milan pop-up socket

Before you start

Before you get started, check you have sufficient space beneath the desk for the shoulder washer and also to run the mains lead.

Ensure there is also space for the unit to fully retract beneath the desk without interfering with desk use.

Also, ensure you can access the shoulder washer to tighten or clamp the unit.

Do not remove the protective file from the chrome top until you are certain you’re keeping the pop-up socket. When you do, ensure you remove it by hand so as not to scratch or damage the chrome.

7 quick and easy steps to installing the Milan pop-up socket

1. Mark the right position on the desktop for the centre of the socket. Ensure it’s far enough away for legs when a desk worker is seated but near enough that the sockets can be easily accessed. Using a hole saw, drill a hole in the desktop or worktop in the right position that is 124mm if you’re using the flush fit adapter or 101mm if you’re not using the flush fit adapter. This hole saw and arbor set is perfect for installing the Milan pop-up socket. If you’re cutting into laminate wood we would recommend covering the desk laminate with masking tape to protect the surface from splintering before you drill your hole.

2. Unscrew the shoulder washer from the unit by turning it clockwise Milan Pop up socket install Step 1

3. Position the flush fit adapter in the hole

Milan pop up socket install step 2

4. Then insert the base of the unit, power cord first, into the hole step 3 Insert pop up in to hole

5. Screw the shoulder washer onto the underside of the unit and tighten it to keep the unit in place Tighten shoulder washer on pop up socket

6. Screws are provided to mount the washer into the correct position to stop movement, however, whether you do this will depend on the type of worktop you’re setting the device into Screw shoulder washer in to place on pop up socket

7. Connect the mains plug and switch onSwitch pop up socket on at mains

8. Remove the protective film from the chrome top carefully by hand to avoid scratching or damaging the unit When installation of Milan pop up socket is finished peel back protective film

For more information on the Milan pop-up socket, or any other pop-up sockets featured on our website, please contact our helpful advisors on our chat at www.bpfonline.co.uk.


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