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Cabinet fittings for repairs and upcycling

If you’re fixing a cupboard or upcycling a cabinet you’ve adopted or had lying around for a while, our range...
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Bedding components to extend the bed frame lifecycle

Bedding components are a great way to make your bed last longer, feel more comfortable or even look more stylish....
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5 Ways you can benefit from printing or embossing your custom injection moulding component

Recently, we’ve posted a series of blogs looking at custom injection moulding. We’ve looked at what injection moulding is and...
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Your Guide to Plastics for Custom Injection Moulding – Part 2

In part 1 of ‘Your Guide to Plastics for Custom Injection Moulding’ we looked at the qualities and uses of...
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Your guide to plastics for custom injection moulding – Part 1

When choosing to use injection moulding to create components, you could find yourself with a difficult decision. Different plastic resins...
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The best BPF Online blogs of 2023 – protecting your health, saving you time and saving you money

At BPF Online, we like to bring you value. So here, as our last blog of the year, we’ve created...
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What is custom moulding?

Custom moulding is a large part of our business here at BPF Online. In fact, it was, at one point,...
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New Year, New Desk Layout

Changing your office desk layout isn’t as crazy as it sounds. It gives colleagues a chance to build stronger working...
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Why sit stand desks are a long-term investment

In 2022, the number of workdays lost to sickness rocketed to 185 million – that’s more than a 30% increase...
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Knobs, handles and pulls, your guide to cupboard door furniture

At BPF Online, we offer a wide range of door pulls, handles and fastenings. Technically a handle is a piece...
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The best BPF Online blogs of 2023 – protecting your health, saving you time and saving you money

At BPF Online, we like to bring you value. So here, as our last blog of the year, we’ve created a round-up of the most popular blogs we have published over the last year, all in one place, just in case you happened to miss them.

In recent years there have been three key social drivers –

  • Individual wellbeing
  • Sustainability
  • Cost management.

And it appears that the most popular BPF Online blogs of 2023 have been those that have focused on these areas.

As the world becomes increasingly aware of how human health can be compromised by sedentary behaviour, we published a flurry of blogs that focus on how to protect your muscular-skeletal health while at work:

In April, we looked at how to ensure you’re lifting items properly and safely in the workplace.


Then, in August, we looked at the best way to choose a monitor mount for your desk. A monitor mount is a good way to ensure that your screen and desk are adjusted to the correct height to reduce the likelihood of physical injury from poor posture in the workplace.


In November, we took this one step further by looking at the role of a sit-stand desk and how these desks are a long-term investment in our own health and that of colleagues or employees.


Throughout the year, we also responded to requests for more information on how to modernise offices to accommodate new technologies in the workplace with blogs around technology and powering technology safely.

In June, we published this listicle that identified the items and gadgets that every modern office should have.


Then, we did a deep dive into pop-up socket installation for those offices that find they simply don’t have enough charging stations in the workplace to contend with all the devices that employees need to charge.


We also looked carefully at the KUBA modular cable management solution and how it can help to keep your office environment safe and convenient, optimising the efficiencies of your staff while within the workplace.


We also featured several blogs that focused on helping our customers to save money. Our first blog looked at different ways you can reduce the cost of your office refurbishment.


Another group of our blogs focused on how to save money and reduce energy use. These blogs helped advise businesses on how to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as looking at how they can reduce energy costs.

When it comes to finding ways to save money, it isn’t all about reducing the spend, but also about economising on staff and workflows, so at the very start of 2023, we looked at how working practices can be most efficient in this blog:


Then, in February, we reviewed the best ways to save money in your office by increasing your energy efficiency.


And third, but definitely not least, we published this blog which looked at the best way to refresh your office kitchen (or your kitchen at home) on a shoestring.


We hope you enjoyed these blogs and would love to hear from you if you have any topics you’d like to see covered in 2024 on the BPF Online blog pages. If you have any specific questions about our products, you can chat with our friendly and trained advisors online who will be happy to help you find the products you’re looking for. Thank you for shopping with BPF Online this year and we look forward to seeing you in 2024.

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