Office storage solutions for your hard copy data

These days, when we discuss storage, our thoughts automatically go to the cloud and how many GB we have remaining, but offices still use some data in a physical format. Whether it’s files of paper, writeable CDs, or USB storage devices, these things all need a home to keep them safe and tidy. By storing your physical data and data storage effectively, you can not only ensure that the information you own is kept safe, it becomes easier to find and to protect.  

And, if data or information is easier to find, it helps your employees to be as effective and efficient as possible in their work.  

AT BPF Online, we have plenty of storage options to help you keep your hard copy data storage safe and organised.  

Lockable under desk drawers 

While we list these on our website as lockable under-desk pen drawers, the reality is that these retro fitted little storage drawers are perfect for storing all kinds of useful things like USB sticks or the larger lockable under desk pen storage drawer can be used to store a small number of important papers.  

Under desk storage 

 If you need a deeper under desk storage solution to keep documents, data sticks, CDs, DVDs, or even a laptop, then we also have an under-desk storage drawer so you can tidy things away and keep them together 

CD Storage 

For storing CDs quickly and easily, simple CD racks are also an option. They start at just 66 pence +VAT and enable you to store CDs either horizontally or vertically.  

An under-desk suspension filing system is another great way to store files and folders and even CDs. CD holder suspension files make it easy to hold four or five CDs together on one suspension file. An alternative to a CD suspension file is a moulded CD rack. Available in a moulded colour, or with a sprayed silver finish, these CD racks are simple and inexpensive and will stop CDs from getting mixed up, lost or damaged through incorrect storage.  

Stacking trays  

For a more relaxed storage solution, an A4 stacking tray offers the opportunity to separate your files or documents into different sections with a simple tray system. This is entirely cost-effective and can very quickly bring a degree of order to even the most cluttered of offices.   

If you need any help or advice designing your office file or data storage, contact our team on 0844 7766800 or chat with our friendly advisors online.