Choosing a monitor mount for your desk

Using a monitor mount in your office or at your desk has a number of benefits. Not only do monitor mounts help maintain good posture for healthy backs among your employees, but they are also really helpful for optimising desk space and making it easier to keep the desks in the office clean and clutter-free. Multiple screens all set on monitor mounts can also make it easier and faster to work, especially for those in roles that involve following instructions, design, or multitasking. And, if it’s easier and faster to work, your employees are likely to be more productive and therefore more efficient too.

Single monitor arms and monitor mounts

Our single monitor arms and monitor mounts provide an easy and tidy solution to enable users to ensure their monitor is at the optimal height for good work posture for desk-based working. As monitors are lifted off the desktop, using a single monitor arm enables team members to optimise their desk space and also makes it easier to keep desktops clean and dust free.

Different mounts can be different heights but they tend to be fitted to the desk using either a clamp mount or a grommet mount (one that fits through a hole in the desk). Our gas-adjustable mounts or gas-assist monitor mounts make it really easy to adapt the height of the monitor as needed.

Load ratings for single monitor mounts vary from 8kg to 13kg.

Some single monitor arms have a 90-degree stop which, when enabled, stops the arm from swivelling beyond 90 degrees. This same feature but with a wider, 180-degree swivel can also be found on some models.

Some single-arm monitor mounts have a VESA quick-release mounting plate which enables a monitor to be mounted quickly and easily with just one knob to a plate that sits on the back of the monitor.

Dual-arm monitor mount

Our dual monitor mount arms bring cohesive working to a whole new level with a seamless transition from one screen to another, each at the same height, extending the screen or enabling multiple windows or even applications to be open at the same time. However you prefer to work, a dual-arm monitor mount can make multitasking easier and faster, it can help with graphic design and can make referencing projects seamless for enhanced productivity.

Of course, a dual-arm monitor mount has all of the same benefits around extra desk space and making the office space easier to clean. Dual-arm monitor mounts tend to vary in load from 8kg per arm to an impressive 20kg per arm.

Bespoke monitor arm mounts

If the single-arm mounts, and the dual-arm monitor mounts that we have in stock aren’t quite what you’re looking for, we have the Galaxy range which really is out of this world! Our Galaxy range is a modular range of monitor mounts that can be built from interchangeable components all available from BPF Online.

Simply choose the length of the pole, the type of mount, and even the type and number of arms – you can have as many as 6 arms on a single system – to put together your perfect multitasking monitor mount station.

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