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Cabinet fittings for repairs and upcycling

If you’re fixing a cupboard or upcycling a cabinet you’ve adopted or had lying around for a while, our range...
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Bedding components to extend the bed frame lifecycle

Bedding components are a great way to make your bed last longer, feel more comfortable or even look more stylish....
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5 Ways you can benefit from printing or embossing your custom injection moulding component

Recently, we’ve posted a series of blogs looking at custom injection moulding. We’ve looked at what injection moulding is and...
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Your Guide to Plastics for Custom Injection Moulding – Part 2

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Your guide to plastics for custom injection moulding – Part 1

When choosing to use injection moulding to create components, you could find yourself with a difficult decision. Different plastic resins...
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The best BPF Online blogs of 2023 – protecting your health, saving you time and saving you money

At BPF Online, we like to bring you value. So here, as our last blog of the year, we’ve created...
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What is custom moulding?

Custom moulding is a large part of our business here at BPF Online. In fact, it was, at one point,...
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New Year, New Desk Layout

Changing your office desk layout isn’t as crazy as it sounds. It gives colleagues a chance to build stronger working...
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Why sit stand desks are a long-term investment

In 2022, the number of workdays lost to sickness rocketed to 185 million – that’s more than a 30% increase...
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Knobs, handles and pulls, your guide to cupboard door furniture

At BPF Online, we offer a wide range of door pulls, handles and fastenings. Technically a handle is a piece...
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Bedding components to extend the bed frame lifecycle

Bedding components are a great way to make your bed last longer, feel more comfortable or even look more stylish. Our wide range of bed frame components are particularly loved by landlords of furnished rentals. Often, when a renter leaves a property, they don’t always leave the furniture in the way in which they acquired it. Sometimes bolts or wheels can be missing and, without these components, the bed may need to be scrapped. However, this feels like a huge waste – of money and resources, not to mention landfill space.

That’s why our bedding components are so useful. They also take just moments to fit.

Headboard bolts and washers

Headboard bolts or washers are used for attaching a headboard. Whether your bed originally had a headboard, but perhaps a bolt has got lost over the course of time, or maybe you’re updating the décor and fancy adding a hint of luxury to your divan frames, our headboard bolts are perfect. A flanged hand bolt secures the headboard to the divan base. Without it, the headboard won’t sit securely and will flap around which could lead to damaging walls, other items of furniture or even injuring the person using the bed.

Divan drawer corner guards

Divan drawer corner guards help to make divan drawers safer. Often divan drawers are made out of an inexpensive plywood and covered in thin fabric. By adding divan drawer corner guards, you can prevent the drawers from scratching or catching users or the furniture around them as they are pulled out of the divan bed frame for use.

Divan bed base connecters and linking clips

When divan bases are double, king size or even super king size, they are often built as separate components that can be secured together to create the correct divan size. This makes it easier for the item to be stored, delivered and installed (there are not many stairwells that could accommodate a king size bed in a single unit).

Divan bed base connecters and linking clips can be used to secure the individual parts together once they have been sited. Sometimes, these can be lost or misplaced in delivery, or even lost or disposed of accidentally over time. Being able to purchase bed base connecters and linking clips separately can extend the life of your divan frame – which can be really useful as larger divan frames don’t come cheap.

Bedding base legs, feet and glides

Bedding base legs, feet and glides simply screw in or slot into the underside of the bed. This means that when the bed is moved, they can quite easily become loose and even fall out and without bedding base legs, and the bed itself becomes unstable and unusable. With BPF Online’s range of divan and bed frame feet and glides, it’s inexpensive and easy to replace the bed frame legs or feet and extend the lifecycle of your bed frame. In fact, these bed frame feet are so easy to install, it’s quicker and easier to replace them than it is to take a bed to the recycling centre!

Mattress Ventilators

Mattresses are even more costly than divan bases, so when a mattress ventilator pops off, it makes sense to replace it, rather than replace the entire mattress.

It’s important to keep a mattress in good condition – and especially if your mattress is to be used by a guest or a tenant, as you want it to work well so that it lasts, but also it needs to not look old and worn out. Therefore, if a mattress ventilator pops out of your mattress, you can simply buy a new one and fit it to the original mattress ventilator hole.

The fixtures fittings and components for landlords and hotel or B and B owners don’t end there. We have a wide range of components that can help you run your business more profitably and reduce your environmental footprint.

For more information about our bedding components, contact our friendly customer services team in the Chat feature on our website. Our helpful teal will answer any questions you might have about the system and can help you place an order.

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