Monthly Archives: April 2023

Cable Management System

Your guide to safe cable management

If not managed, cables can be an eyesore. Worse than that, they can be a health and safety hazard. However, there are plenty of cable management options available to help business owners provide a safe and tidy work environment where employees can be productive. The rules around cable management in the workplace The Health and […]

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How to lift heavy items safely

Incorrect lifting can cause injury and, as an employer, it’s your responsibility to protect your employees from the risk of manual handling injuries. Wherever possible, it’s always better to avoid lifting heavy equipment, but this isn’t always an option. So, where that’s not possible, teaching and encouraging good handling techniques when lifting heavy furniture or […]

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Threaded feet or castors?

At BPF Online, we stock all types of castors and threaded feet, so whatever your furniture or fitting needs, we have the feet for you. We have rigid feet, tilt feet, adjustable feet, industrial feet. And, for heavier appliances or furniture that you may need to move, we have castors – single-wheel and twin-wheel castors […]

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